BEAR! Program

(Biological Engineering Applied Research)

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

University of Maine

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     This program brings small groups of high school Juniors/Seniors on campus for a day  to expose them to the excitement and potential of a career in the newly emerging field of Biological Engineering. The students are familiarized with the field of Biological Engineering, given an overview of the importance and current status of several specific sub-fields within Biological Engineering and broken into groups of 3-4 students to complete a several hour laboratory experience mentored directly by a faculty member.  Laboratory projects are state-of-the-art and in the past have included: surface modification for control of cell growth, nanoparticle synthesis for targeted biological imaging, visualization of zebra fish skeletal structure, and bio-conversion of wood to ethanol. After a lunch with the faculty, provided by the department, the entire group is reconvened and the findings are reviewed amongst all participants.  At the end of the program the students are familiarized with the department and program.