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Welcome to the Chemical Engineering Mathcad Users' Group Web page. We hope that you will find the Mathcad programs available here useful. If you want to go right ahead and see what programs are available, click here now. Otherwise, continue on this page to find out more about the purpose of this web site, how to use it and any restrictions that may apply. If you are an avid Mathcad user with interests in Chemical Engineering, we hope that you will consider sharing programs that you have developed.


The purpose of this web site is to provide a means to share Mathcad worksheets that perform calculations useful in Chemical Engineering design and analysis. The programs contributed to this site are freely accessible to the public for personal use.

Using This Site

The Mathcad programs at this site are available through your internet browser, by ftp or they can be accessed through Mathcad directly (starting with Mathcad version 6.0). The information below explains how to access the Mathcad files by each of these approaches.

Accessing Mathcad programs through your browser: To access the Mathcad programs available at this site through your browser, you must first configure your browser so that Mathcad is opened as a viewer or helper application when you open a .MCD file. For instructions on how to use Mathcad as viewer/helper application for your browser, visit on the Web at MathSoft's® official web site.

Accessing Mathcad programs by ftp: You can download the Mathcad programs by ftp through your ftp program or by ftp through your browser.

To access files through your ftp program, the host name is Use anonymous login with anonymous as the User ID and your e-mail address as the password.

To access the files by ftp through your browser, use the URL: To download a file, right click on the file and use Save Link As to save the file to your local drive.

Accessing Mathcad programs through Mathcad 6.0 or Mathcad PLUS 6.0 or higher: Open Mathcad. Under the File menu item select Open URL.. . Enter the following URL:

The file contains a directory of subject areas. By double clicking on a subject area, another Mathcad file will be opened with a listing of available Mathcad worksheets. Note that each time you double click on a Mathcad filename, Mathcad opens another window. There is a limit of 8 Mathcad windows that can be opened at one time. You can save any of these files on your local computer using Save As under the file menu item. If the file contains links to URLs on the web, those links will be maintained even if you save the program locally.

Submitting Mathcad Programs

If you are willing to share your Mathcad programs through this site, please send a copy of the .MCD file via e-mail (as an attachment) to: Files will be posted as promptly as possible. Files should include the following information at the beginning of the Mathcad worksheet:

You may consider using a copyright statement such as the following:
© Copyright (your name), 199x. All rights reserved. This document is for your private use. Any commercial use is prohibited without written permission by the author.


The documents available at this site are intended for private use. Any commercial use of these documents is prohibited without written permission by the author. Documents submitted to this site will not be checked for copyright. If there is any dispute concerning ownership of the copyright of any document available at this site, access to the document will be discontinued. Documents will not be checked for errors. Any use of the information generated by these documents is at the discretion of the user.

Questions, Comments and Suggestions

Please e-mail any questions, comments or suggestions to:

John Hwalek
Department of Chemical Engineering
5737 Jenness Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5737
Phone: (207)-581-2302
Fax: (207)-581-2323

Revised -- 2/16/99